Product Description

Established in 2015, Vaporesso has garnered a lot of attention from vapers around the world. The brand got exceptional and finest-quality vape products like Xros 2 Pod Kit. Their state-of-the-art devices long last, providing you with an effortless vaping experience. In addition, they have avant-garde pods, mods, and tanks which you can customise according to your needs.

Charging Instructions:

Here are some of the main precautions that you should follow:
  • You should not charge the battery with more than 1 Amp current.
  • You should never leave the battery to charge overnight.
  • Charge your vape battery by connecting the USB cable with a TV port, laptop or game console.

Specifications of Vaporesso Xros 2 16W Pod Kit: 

  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Output Wattage: 11W / 16W (Depending on pod used)
  • Charging: Type-C USB, 5V / 1A
  • Pod Resistance: 0.8 Ohm Mesh / 1.2 Ohm
  • Battery: Internal 1000mAh
  • Size: 112.2 x 23.4 x 13.4mm
  • Water drop air inlet
  • Dual activation mode
  • Tiding battery indicator
  • SSS Leak-Resistant Technology

Slay Your Mates With the Modest Vaporesso Xros 2 16W Pod: 

Vaporesso Xros 2 16W Pod contains 2ml e-liquid capacity. Moreover, it comes in numerous gradient colours. The modest and stylish design of the pod makes it attractive in the eyes of vapers.  It has a very straightforward functionality and a sleek structure. The pod enhances your overall appearance and adds charm to your personality. It makes you look cool and copacetic with its modest design. 

Vaporesso Xros 2 Carry Impressive Battery and Perfect Resistance Coil!

A battery holds essential importance in a vaping device. If the device has a faulty battery, it poorly influences your vaping and reduces vape life. We have seen many vapers complaining about their vape’s battery life. That’s why we bring you the Vaporesso Xros 2 12W Pod. It has an integrated internal 1000mAh battery that you can easily recharge. Besides, the pod contains a 0.8-ohm mesh coil that helps deliver a phenomenal taste.  You can charge the battery of the pod with a Type-C USB cable. Do not charge the battery of the device with a high power cable because it cannot handle voltage above 1 Amp. 

Easily Manageable and Dual-Activation Pod Kit:

Vapers do not like to get into the hassle of complex vapes and want their vaping devices to be user-friendly. Vaporesso Xros 2 16W Pod is easy to use as it has a dual activation system. The Pod has an effortless functionality, and anyone can use it. You do not need any prior knowledge when dealing with this device. Also, there is no need for you to play with the fancy buttons. Just purchase it and drag a puff. In addition, the Pod contains a halo button for user convenience. 

SSS Leak-Resistant Technology: 

One of the worst nightmares for a vape fanatic is the leaking tank! When a vape tank leaks, it creates a mess that no one can easily clean. The Vaporesso XRos 2 16W Pod has a SSS leak-proof technology which makes it super easy to carry around. Since the device has a leak-proof tank, you can safely carry it in your bag. The LED lights on the device allow you to know your battery situation in advance. 

Water Drop Air Inlet:

With a water drop air inlet, you can customise your vaping style. If you want to enjoy more clouds, you can reduce the airflow, and if you want more flavour and better throat hit, tighten the airflow.